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Integrity you can rely on for durable profitability

We bring your operations costs down and your profits up without cutting your resources.

We created this company to help small businesses improve their growth and performance, and survive trying times. Seeing how many small businesses are impacted by changing circumstances, we decided to offer our services to help them become more resilient by becoming more cost efficient.

We are a team of experts in industrial engineering and business intelligence. We put forward our ingenuity and expertise to find the best solutions that will help your business thrive, even in challenging circumstances.

Solutions Optimix provides you with the appropriate expertise, tools and processes for your business to survive any storm. We focus on cost efficiency rather than budget cuts to make each dollar more valuable and last longer.

Our mission is to increase the performance of our clients through the optimization and the improvement of their processes by offering innovative custom solutions.

Our vision is to be a reference in the consulting industry and create value for our clients. We aim to distinguish ourselves by a human approach and to maintain long-term partnerships.

Our core values are Integrity, Ingenuity and Efficiency.

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